[Maliit-announce] New Maliit bugtracker available!

Michael Hasselmann michaelh at openismus.com
Tue Nov 22 16:26:43 PST 2011

Since some time now, we have tried to get a bugtracker for the Maliit
project that would be independent from MeeGo and Harmattan. It has been
one of the missing pieces since we announced Maliit as an independent
project, back in June.

So here it is:


We are very proud to finally have a bugtracker that we can truly call
our own, out there in the wild, public and ready for everyone to use.

Practical Information

We do not plan a mass import of bugs from the MeeGo bugtracker, but
instead want you to re-report bugs still valid for the latest release
[LATEST]. We will do the same with bugs from Harmattan bugtrackers.

The Maliit bugtracker starts off with the following 'products':
Maliit Framework - The Maliit input method framework, usually the right
component if something in maliit-server or the input context plugins
Maliit Plugins - The Maliit reference plugins, for example if the Maliit
Keyboard does not respond to pressing keys or has glitches in the
transition animations.
Maliit Infrastructure - The Maliit infrastructure. Includes bugtracker,
wiki, mailing-lists, etc.

Each product has a general component, if unsure use that one when
reporting bugs. When reporting new bugs, please make sure to follow the
bug template. It makes it easier for us to understand the bug.

The Full Story

We were considering alternative solutions. Our attempts to register
Maliit at freedesktop.org didn't work out [FDO]. After discussing the
remaining possibilities, dauntless Karsten Bräckelmann [KBRAE] went
forward and set up our own bugzilla instance, using the same
infrastructure as we were already using for maliit.org [MALIIT].

Most of you probably know Karsten from his work on the Maemo bugtracker
and I am glad that Openismus has such an experienced and professional
hostmaster. As you will notice, it has been setup with SSL support (now
also available for the wiki).

Thanks Karsten for all your hard work and for just being there when your
caffeine deprived colleagues accidentally delete all their e-mails
again. It's because of you that Maliit finally has gotten its complete
own infrastructure, with website, mailing lists and bugtracker.

[MALIIT] https://wiki.maliit.org
[LATEST] http://lists.maliit.org/pipermail/maliit-announce-maliit.org/2011-November/000002.html
[FDO]    https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38563
[KBRAE]  http://blogs.gnome.org/kbrae/

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