[Maliit-announce] Maliit 0.90.0 "Time to die" released

Michael Hasselmann michaelh at openismus.com
Thu Mar 1 08:52:00 PST 2012

What's new?

The new 0.90 release series starts with this release. The series' name, "Time
to die", refers to the legacy mode and the 0.80 interfaces, which will now go
away. After this release, the master branches will break API/ABI: Legacy mode
and the 0.80 plugin interfaces will no longer be available. For those who still
want to use these, 0.81 branches is available and will get bugfixes. 

The top contributor of month February, Mattia Barbon, made GConf (which is used
for settings in the framework) optional, further improving or Qt Embedded
story. He also added the possibility to specify close buttons in language
layout files, which removes the need to rely on the
swipe-down-to-close-keyboard gesture.

Jon Nordby worked on preparing a better modularization of the framework with
the aim to isolate dependencies in their respective components. A start was
made with the D-Bus dependencies and the new framework connection directory. An
overview of this work can be found here: https://wiki.maliit.org/Components

Furthermore, Jon and Krzesimir worked on experimental support for network
transparency, meaning that the maliit-server can be used by remote clients.

It can be tested like so:
$ maliit-server -allow-anonymous -override-address tcp:host=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,port=yyyyy

Any valid dbus address is supported. Using -allow-anonymous must only be done
on a trusted network. If using a method with authentication, the
-allow-anonymous flag may be dropped.

On the remote box:
$ MALIIT_SERVER_ADDRESS=tcp:host=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,port=yyyyy
$ maliit-exampleapp-plainqt (or maliit-exampleapp-gtk{2,3})

Where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is IP address of computer where maliit-server is ran and
yyyyy is port number < 65536.

Where can I get it?

* framework:
* plugins:

What is it?

Maliit provides a flexible and cross-platform input method framework. It has a
plugin-based client-server architecture where applications act as clients and
communicate with the Maliit server via input context plugins. Maliit is an open
source framework (LGPL 2) with open source plugins (BSD).

Visit http://maliit.org for more informattion about the project.

Who contributed to this release?

* Antti Pulakka
* Carlos Martín
* Damjan Georgievski
* Jan Arne Petersen
* Jon Nordby
* Krzesimir Nowak
* Maksim Kirillov
* Mattia Barbon
* Michael Hasselmann
* Viacheslav Sobolev

What changed in detail?

* Added network transparency (omitted in NEWS file).
* Allow pluggable backends to store maliit-server settings.
* Added a compilation option to disable the GConf settings backend,
  using QSettings as a fallback.
* Notify applications when attribute extensions are changed by Maliit plugins
  * Typical use case would be buttons in an input method toolbar, where the
    application needs to know about the button state.
* New connection directory to isolate all D-Bus dependend code
  * This will make it easier to use other IPCs (or no IPC at all, in case the
    application hosts the input method system) in the future.
* Introduce -h/--help parameter to maliit-server
  * When giving invalid parameters to maliit-server, it will complain and print
    a useful help message.

* Add auto-repeat for backspace (maliit-keyboard only).
* Add rotation support to maliit-keyboard-viewer.
  * This makes it easier to test language layouts in landscape and portrait
    mode, without requiring a running maliit-server.
* Add support for close button in language layouts.
  * Layouts can now use a special key that will close the keyboard when
    pressed, if action="close" is used in the key binding.
* Add Macedonian language layout.

* Fixes: MALIIT#88 - Remove hard dependency on GConf
* Fixes: NB#298678 - (Regression): Alphabetical VKB shown automatically in "Change security code"-view
* Fixes: Maliit#92 - maliit-server does not take a -help/-h argument
* Fixes: NB#298276 - Observed im-ui-server crashes on CITA
* Fixes: NB#298229 - PIN query appears black for several seconds during startup
* Fixes: NB#296576 Vkb is not shown in text field, when swype keyboard is enabled & disabled in a scenario
* Fixes: Maliit#68 - maliit-server does not always notify IC about InputMethodArea changes
* Fixes: NB#295883 - All input methods are still installed after tapping the
  emergency keyboard button in the device lock screen and typing the lock code
  on system startup

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