[Maliit-announce] Maliit 0.81.4 released

Jan Arne Petersen jpetersen at openismus.com
Fri Feb 1 11:03:36 PST 2013

What's new?

After more then a year there is another release of the Maliit 0.81
series. There are especially some improvements and bug fixes regarding
QML support and the Nemo keyboard. Thanks to Pekka Vuorela and John Brooks.

Where can I get it?

* framework:

* plugins:

What is it?

Maliit provides a flexible and cross-platform input method framework. It
has a plugin-based client-server architecture where applications act  as
clients and communicate with the Maliit server via input context
plugins. Maliit is an open source framework (LGPL 2) with open source
plugins (BSD).

Visit http://maliit.org for more informattion about the project.

Who contributed to this release?

* Antti Pulakka
* Jan Arne Petersen
* John Brooks
* Jon Nordby
* Maksim Kirillov
* Michael Hasselmann
* Pekka Vuorela
* Radoslaw Duklas
* Viacheslav Sobolev

What changed in detail?

* QML support cleanup
* Implement show/hide transition support for QML plugins
* MImXApplication: use QScopedPointer for data instead of auto_ptr
* Ut_MIMPluginManager::testSwitchShow test added
* Move all connection code to connection/ directory
* Move duplicated code into common library
* Update cached value of extended attribute on application side
* Implemented method to deliver extended attributes from framework to
* Extensions manager sends notification when toolbar attribute is changed

* Implement show/hide transition for nemo keyboard
* Remove gaps between keys in nemo keyboard
* Make close gesture less sensitive in nemo keyboard
* More robust key detection in nemo keyboard
* Simplify orientation logic
* Clean up nemo keyboard code

* Fix transient hint for first focused application
* Fix test compilation
* Fixes: NB#281340 - Often VKB rotation is not in sync.
* Fixes: NB#298276 - Observed im-ui-server crashes on CITA
* Fixes: NB#298678 - (Regression): Alphabetical VKB shown automatically
in "Change security code"-view
* Fixes: NB#296576 Vkb is not shown in text field, when swype keyboard
is enabled & disabled in a scenario
* Fixes: NB#298229 - PIN query appears black for several seconds during
* Fix lost update problem in MImOnScreen::setAllSubViewsEnabled
* Fixes: NB#295883 - All input methods are still installed after tapping
the emergency keyboard button in the device lock screen and typing the lock
* Fixed: NB#295179 - Create a method to load all input plugins for
security lock ui purpose
* Fixes: NEMO#451 - Use a single MouseArea for the whole keyboard

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