[Maliit-discuss] Moving to new Maliit mailing list and IRC channel

Jon Nordby jonn at openismus.com
Wed Nov 9 12:20:07 PST 2011


In June Maliit became an independent upstream project [1]. During the 
transition period we continue to MeeGo infrastructure, but it is now 
time to move to our own mailing list and IRC channel.

The new mailing list is:
maliit-discuss at lists.maliit.org

You can subscribe here:

The new IRC channel is:
#maliit @ irc.freenode.org

All discussion around Maliit – even if MeeGo specific – should use the 
new communication channels.

See you on the other side!

1. http://lists.meego.com/pipermail/meego-dev/2011-June/483526.html

Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com
Software Developer, Openismus GmbH - www.openismus.com

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