[Maliit-discuss] MeeGo Keyboard to be removed from maliit-plugins in next release

Jon Nordby jonn at openismus.com
Mon Nov 21 06:50:23 PST 2011


the maliit-plugins repository at the moment contains two input method 
plugins: The QML based Maliit Keyboard (still called 
meego-keyboard-quick in the code), and the LMT based MeeGo Keyboard.

MeeGo Keyboard is not actively developed as an official part of Maliit, 
and was periodically merged from the meegotouch-inputmethodkeyboard. 
This has been limiting Maliit development as we needed to keep the 
divergence between repositories very small.
As far as we know, it is no longer being used from the maliit-plugins 
repository by anyone. For these reasons it will now be removed[MRQ].

MeeGo Keyboard development will continue strong in the repository 
and can be used together with Maliit like before for those that wish to 
do so.

So what this means in practice is that Maliit Keyboard will be *the* 
reference keyboard for Maliit, and MeeGo Keyboard is considered a 
third-party plugins like the others that are available.

MRQ: https://gitorious.org/maliit/maliit-plugins/merge_requests/15

Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com
Software Developer, Openismus GmbH - www.openismus.com

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