[Maliit-discuss] New Maliit bugtracker available!

Luis Araujo luis.araujo at collabora.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 06:21:57 PST 2011

On 11/22/2011 07:56 PM, Michael Hasselmann wrote:
> Since some time now, we have tried to get a bugtracker for the Maliit
> project that would be independent from MeeGo and Harmattan. It has been
> one of the missing pieces since we announced Maliit as an independent
> project, back in June.
> So here it is:
>    https://bugs.maliit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11
> We are very proud to finally have a bugtracker that we can truly call
> our own, out there in the wild, public and ready for everyone to use.
So Great!++

> Practical Information
> =====================
> We do not plan a mass import of bugs from the MeeGo bugtracker, but
> instead want you to re-report bugs still valid for the latest release
> [LATEST]. We will do the same with bugs from Harmattan bugtrackers.
Re-reporting the valid (still reproducible) bugs in the new Maliit bug 
tracker, and probably adding a note in the original bug (MeeGo) pointing 
to the new bugzilla for Maliit could be the way to go; and what about 
those INVALID bugs?, should we close with the same note?

> The Maliit bugtracker starts off with the following 'products':
> Maliit Framework - The Maliit input method framework, usually the right
> component if something in maliit-server or the input context plugins
> broke.
> Maliit Plugins - The Maliit reference plugins, for example if the Maliit
> Keyboard does not respond to pressing keys or has glitches in the
> transition animations.
> Maliit Infrastructure - The Maliit infrastructure. Includes bugtracker,
> wiki, mailing-lists, etc.
> Each product has a general component, if unsure use that one when
> reporting bugs. When reporting new bugs, please make sure to follow the
> bug template. It makes it easier for us to understand the bug.
> The Full Story
> ==============
> We were considering alternative solutions. Our attempts to register
> Maliit at freedesktop.org didn't work out [FDO]. After discussing the
> remaining possibilities, dauntless Karsten Bräckelmann [KBRAE] went
> forward and set up our own bugzilla instance, using the same
> infrastructure as we were already using for maliit.org [MALIIT].
> Most of you probably know Karsten from his work on the Maemo bugtracker
> and I am glad that Openismus has such an experienced and professional
> hostmaster. As you will notice, it has been setup with SSL support (now
> also available for the wiki).
> Thanks Karsten for all your hard work and for just being there when your
> caffeine deprived colleagues accidentally delete all their e-mails
> again. It's because of you that Maliit finally has gotten its complete
> own infrastructure, with website, mailing lists and bugtracker.

> [MALIIT] https://wiki.maliit.org
> [LATEST] http://lists.maliit.org/pipermail/maliit-announce-maliit.org/2011-November/000002.html
> [FDO]    https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38563
> [KBRAE]  http://blogs.gnome.org/kbrae/
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